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The EUROPEAN Events Agency

WM Event Design provides event design, management, production and consultancy services to clients both nationally and internationally.
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Event Design
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HEAD OFFICE: United Kingdom
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OFFICE: Switzerland
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Amazing Acts
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Bespoke Theming
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Fresh Cocktails
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Innovative Design
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Global Locations
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Intimate Banquets
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Michelin Chefs
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Tailor-made Wedding Design
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Historical Venues
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Unique Events

Why choose Us.

Experience. Professionalism. Excellence.

We offer a highly personal service that provides our client with one point of contact who will guide them through the process at every stage from inception to completion.

Our Mission.

Our mission is founded on one single premise: we aim to surpass client expectation at all levels.

First taking the time to truly understand their vision, then creating an event concept and design that inspires... before executing it with calm efficiency, expertise and attention to detail.

What we Do.

We design, create, organise, manage, produce and oversee events throughout the UK and Europe.

We will also source all requisite suppliers on behalf of our clients and manage the finances to keep everything within budget.

State of the art

Extremely advanced technology, developed in-house, produces visually spectacular concept documents with detailed financial projections in real-time.

Collaborative Approach

Our event teams are tailored to the specific event, with each member cherry-picked for both their technical skills and their approach. Or we can form part of yours... we love teams either way. Passion and positivity make for tremendous bedfellows!

Global Experience

With extensive connections in various countries, we have produced events on almost every continent and in multiple languages. We supply the event teams with a custom-built mobile office for international events so we can bring our full resources to you.

Creative Solutions

Beyond designing your event, we have a reputation for calm efficiency and finding innovative solutions to both large and small logistical, technical and financial hurdles. So your event can progress as smoothly as possible.

Financial Transparency

Each budget is extremely carefully managed from the first projection to the final invoice. We detail every single financial expenditure for review by the client at any stage. There are no hidden costs and every one has to be agreed by you first.

Privacy & Discretion

Your privacy (whether as an individual, a brand or a company) is of paramount importance to us. Total discretion is part our of contract with you - hence only the clients who kindly gave a testimonial appear on our website.

Established By

Managing Director

William Moyse

William Moyse has organised and directed hundreds of events for corporate firms, media companies, event organisers, event caterers and music and film production companies, as well as an exclusive list of elite private and royal clients both within the UK and across the world.

Over the last 18 years, he has created and managed companies encompassing a broad spectrum of the events industry (event management, production, bars, catering, logistics and staffing), all of this experience has both inspired and shaped the creation of WM Ltd.

Core areas of expertise include:

Event Design & Production

Logistics Management

Finance & Budget Control


We'll meet with you, take the time to clearly understand your ambitions and vision before creating a full event concept with visuals, CAD and floorplans to show what we can achieve.


Always the first onsite and the last to leave. We are there at every stage to direct, oversee all suppliers and to liaise with you for any last minute amendments or requirements that you might have.


Our range of services continues even once the venue is clear: editing the rushes from the video footage, creating an online photo-gallery, de-briefing suppliers, delivering thank you gifts and many others.

What style of event are you planning?

  • Private Dinner
  • Corporate Reception
  • Product Launch
  • Film Premiere
  • Fashion Show
  • Charity Dinner
  • Incentive Travel
  • Awards Ceremony
Design. Create. Produce. Manage.
This is what we do:
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