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Event Production and Management Specialists

What We Do.

We are a multilingual events and experiential production company based in London, specialising in the design and delivery of inspirational and impactful immersive experiences for brands, agencies, corporate entities, private clients and governments.

We design. We create. We produce.


Bringing your concept to life.

In our studio, we can build your concept in a virtual world through beautifully crafted 2D drawings, 3D renders and fly-through animations of the experience. Of course, we also produce all the essential operational floor plans, lighting grid, technical layouts and structural engineering / wind calculation documentation.


Expert advice and experienced guidance.

We work with you through all of the essential deliverables for each element of the project. We are dedicated to ensuring that the strategy follows a creative narrative, the visuals accurately reflect the creative designs, the budget covers the build and execution and that all of the above answer the brief.


Delivering your project with precision.

Whether you are just beginning to conceptualise your project or (as sometimes happens) if it's already underway, we are a highly responsive and resourceful partner to bring on board. We have produced high-profile, large-scale events for royal families, global brands and iconic names in music, film and sport.


In-House Technology and Processes

Our systems and processes have been refined and adapted to the ever faster-paced environment of the events and projects industries. We understand that clients need real-time updates to last-minute changes and that these need to be communicated to all stakeholders and partners working on the project. This ensures that all implications for schedule, budget, personnel and performance, technical and logistical amendments are factored in and relayed back to the key contacts.

Concept, Strategy and Ideation

The creative process is the key starting point for a successful event or project, and this is an area that we excel in. We relish the development of the fledgling ideas, investigating the potential hurdles to be surmounted, testing the overall feasibility of the concept within the budget available and then planning the realisation of the project and the path to success.

A Global Network

We have produced events throughout Europe, in the USA from the East Coast to the West Coast, and we have co-ordinated launches in Australia, China, Japan, the Middle East and Africa. We expand our core team drawing on our extensive global network for the relevant expertise required for each production. Whether we need a stunt co-ordinator, sky-diving cameraman, a BAFTA award winning lighting designer, an iconic film director or a fleet of military vehicles, we have the contacts to make that happen.

Multilingual Producers

Understanding multiple cultures takes research, experience and an enquiring mind but to be able to truly engage with multiple nationalities, it is essential to be able to communicate in their native language. As such, we are proud to have numerous multi lingual producers who have studied and worked in several countries within our in-house team.

Fiscally Manoeuvrable

We have a highly experienced core management team, turning to our larger teams on a bespoke project by project basis. This, together with the various operational systems and practices that we have built into our management processes means that we minimise our overheads. We can therefore remain highly financially competitive - no matter where in the world we are operating.